Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Here it is...in no particular order!!

1 get a personal trainer certification
2 bench press 100 lbs (at least) for 3 reps
3 run a sub 2 hour half marathon
4 do an unassisted pull-up
5 scrapbook wedding photos
6 organize all my notes from grad school
7 learn to ride a motorcycle
8 get yoga teacher certification
9 try a no!no! (yeah, the weirdo hair removal thing)
10 pay for someone else's groceries or meal at a restaurant
11 clean out all my clothes and make a big ol' goodwill donation
12 swap the rooms in my house that I want to swap (I've decided our current office would make a better guest room, the workout room would be a good office...etc.!)
13 get a dog
14 do a home improvement project that I don't know how to do yet
15 coach for Girls on the Run
16 take a pole dancing class
17 get boudoir pics done
18 accompany myself, singing, on one song (either on guitar or piano, but I don't currently own a piano)
19 develop a signature dish
20 make beef Wellington
21 ride the entire little Miami bike trail in one ride
22 run an entire marathon (no walk breaks besides water stops)
23 do a 50k
24 visit Las Vegas
25 learn to breast stroke well
26 go vegetarian for a week
27 run a 5k barefoot
28 do a race as part of a relay team
29 ride my bike up muchmore rd. (it's this road in Cincinnati. It's probably not the BIGGEST hill around, but it's one I tried to ride up. Once. At the beginning of my bike career. Every time I drive it now, I think "yeah, I could bike that" but something keeps me from trying...)
30 eat at the precinct (a nice, pricey local restaurant that I've wanted to eat at forever)
31 come up with a solid plan to start my own business
32 clean out and organize my jewelry
33 sew something from scratch
34 beat a video game
35 do some writing other than a blog - start a book, a presentation, a proposal - something of the sort
36 do a food challenge (one of the man vs. food sort of things)
37 make pasta from scratch
38 adopt a wwf animal
39 take a hot yoga class
40 run at least a mile every day for a month
41 do something meaningful with all the Christmas cards I've been saving for years
42 buy $50 worth of fast food gift cards. Give to homeless people.
43 track unnecessary purchases for a month. Give the same amount to charity.
44 get dog (from #13) trained to be a therapy dog.
45 compliment a stranger every day for a week
46 serve at a beer fest. Give proceeds to charity.
47 consult with a financial planner
48 organize the music on my computer
49 refill someone's parking meter
50 go gluten free for a week
51 buy a nice outfit at a store where I wouldn't normally shop  ('cuz I'm cheap, yo)
52 pace someone in a race
53 buy and wear a pair of impractical shoes
54 ring a bell for the Salvation Army
55 watch a trial
56 buy something for someone off one of a gift tree at Christmas
57 try a new ethnic cuisine
58 cook a live lobster
59 play poker in a casino (real life, not video poker)
60 volunteer for a day of disaster relief
61 attend a local government meeting
62 play a round of chopped with the husband for dinner one night (like the tv show)
63 leave a server a 50%+ tip
64 take a horse and carriage ride
65 visit an out-of-town friend
66 go on a ghost hunt
67 fly first class
68 take a spontaneous weekend trip
69 read a book every month for a year
70 learn to change my own oil
71 knit something and finish it this time
72 be part of a tv show audience
73 for a week, do something out of character every day, guilt-free
74 get an amp for my bass guitar. rock out.
75 make another letter photo (those things that spell something, where each letter is a photo of something shaped like that letter)
76 organize all my mental health resources
77 create a professional looking home office space
78 meet an online friend in person
79 spend at least a week making a conscious effort not to worry
80 volunteer for an organization I've never worked for before
81 build a snowman
82 go to the ky derby
83 enter a talent contest or audition for something
84 for a month, give something to every charitable cause that I get asked to contribute to
85 clean my car really, really well
86 have a garage sale
87 buy a beauty item that I would usually consider frivolous
88 volunteer at a race
89 consult with a nutritionist
90 attend a service for at least 3 different religions
91 go to an open house for a really expensive house and pretend like we can afford it
92 get my eyebrows threaded
93 visit a new state (besides Nevada 'cuz that's covered elsewhere)
94 run the flying pig marathon
95 run one of my other "bucket list" races
96 be on time to everything for a week
97 learn to do a headstand
98 attempt to trace my ancestry
99 figure out my correct heart rate zones
100 become a marathon maniac
101 finish my next 100 things list!!

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