Sunday, January 27, 2013

January report

It's a little early, but this next week, I can tell I'm going to be both too busy to blog and too busy to accomplish anything else. So, January's accomplishments:


32. clean out and organize my jewelry - bought a jewelry box and cleaned out the tangled jumble of necklaces (it was BAD) and paired up my earrings. I kept a few of the unmatched ones that I like, just in case the other one pops up in a random place.

I may still do 43. track unnecessary purchases for a month and give the same amount to charity. I've thought about it a lot. I did splurge on myself quite a bit in January.


13. get a dog - I dogsat for a friend's two dogs while she was out of town. The experience helped us narrow down a little bit more what kind of dog would be a good fit for us (and our cats!)

15. coach for Girls on the Run - I attended coach training. The season starts next month. I'm not going to count this as complete until the season is over.

25. learn to breast stroke well - my master swim group had a stroke clinic. I worked on the breast stroke. A little. I still suck.

69. read a book every month for a year - January book is done!

94. run the Flying Pig Marathon - joined the training group. Following the plan.


30. eat at the precinct - tried to do this on the anniversary of the day huz and I met, but couldn't get a reservation.

81. build a snowman - I really really really wanted to do this on new year's day to mark the beginning of this project...but all the snow melted. :(

95. be on time to everything for a week - yeah. This one is HARD.

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