Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March report


 40. run at least a mile every day for a month - I did it!! It was really hard, but I made it happen. I also used it to raise money for Girls on the Run. April 1 was a well-earned rest day.

78. meet an online friend in person - done. I have a handful of online friends who are friends with my real life friends, and I met one of them at a party.


1. get a personal trainer certification - doing research into that one
13. get a dog - been working with two rescue groups. One of them has done a home visit.
15. coach for Girls on the Run - still doing it!
23. do a 50k - signed up to do one June 1
29. read a book every day for a year - so far, so good
88. volunteer at a race - I've committed to doing that in July
94. run the Flying Pig Marathon - I'm signed up
100. become a marathon maniac - I have a plan for this as well.

3 down, 98 to go....I need to get moving.